About Us

Swatchery is the latest digital platform created by enthusiasts who live and breathe everything beauty. It’s for every modern babe seeking to better themselves with relatable content, while promoting authenticity and self-love.

Our vision is to be the go-to destination of the casually curious, through wide-range beauty content that’s trendy af. We’ll train the spotlight on the hottest makeup and skincare products from both the local and global market with our audience’s interests in mind.

At the helm of this new baby is Blankslate Creative Inc., a performance content marketing agency that has already raked in a total of 3,500+ content, 2,000+ videos, 320M+ video views, and 130M+ engagement in just 3 years. Let those numbers sink in—that’s probably more than your average influencer ever could.

But we aren’t here to become just another beauty influencer you’ll only end up envying. We’re here to focus on beauty and skin health for the everyday babe. Whether it’s sprucing up their routine, scouting for new holy grails to cop, or starting their glow-up journey, we’re here for them.