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Beauty Breakdown: Is Foreo For You?

Beauty Breakdown: Is Foreo For You?

Even if you’ve been swearing away beauty trends, we’re sure you’ve heard of this raved-about cleansing tool. But what exactly does it do? What is this odd-looking bright thing beauty vloggers have been talking about? 

In case you haven’t had the time to find out what this particular Foreo product is, drop everything you’re about to do right now and read on so you can finally put your curiosity to rest. 

What is it?

Foreo is an award-winning brand known for its advanced and innovative skin and oral care technology. They produce a line of sonic devices including the bestseller, the LUNA sonic face massager and cleanser. Ring any bells?

Since 2013, it’s been the brand’s mission to cater to the essential needs of every skin type with their broad range of products. Basically, you use it along with your favorite facial cleanser as a first step in your routine.

LUNA Play Plus, P3,167

How many kinds are there?

There are currently 11 different kinds of sonic facial cleansers under their LUNA line. Models come in different colors, each one assigned to a skin type.

The specific model that’s been selling like hot pancakes though is the LUNA 2 which is designed to minimize the appearance of blemishes and addressing concerns that come with aging skin. 

LUNA 2, P12, 289

How do you use it?

It’s as easy as using a facial massager. Simply press the button to turn it on and gently massage it onto your face. The device will pulsate, which is a signal for you to move to another area on your face. 

Depending on the kind you get, it’s rechargeable and the batteries are replaceable but it could go for months without being recharged.

LUNA Go, P6,125

Why would you need one?

Sometimes, dirt is stubborn and can get stuck in our pores which is why some people invest in facial brushes to thoroughly slough off dirt. 

If you want that extra add-on in your skincare to ensure a cleaner and brighter complexion, then this one’s your new HG. Some have even claimed it’s life-changing but then again, each skin is unique so invest in what you feel works for you.

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