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Breaking Out During Quarantine? Here’s Why and How to Avoid It

Breaking Out During Quarantine? Here’s Why and How to Avoid It

Just when we thought we could escape the breakouts and oiliness caused by the outside world’s pollution, our skin betrays us. We never know what our skin is plotting next, no matter how much we convince ourselves that staying home can give our skin a break from makeup and dirt.

But experts recently revealed that factors like stress, our changed diet, and lack of sunlight can cause skin issues. These factors are brought on by the global crisis, and it’s really taking a toll on us mentally and physically. 

Here’s what you can do to keep your skin healthy during quarantine:

Try to sneak in more sleep

Image Source: @alizeegamberini

We all know this rule of thumb already. Lack of sleep equals bad skin. We know it’s been a tough few months, but the reason your skin has been acting up could be due to your messed up body clock.

Late night binge-watching is all fun and games until you start looking like a zombie. If you can, take naps, or at least have a consistent sleep schedule.

Sanitize your devices

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Being in quarantine means you’ll be spending more and more time on your phone and devices, and we get it—it’s something we just can’t avoid and most of the time. Being around our devices is a necessity for work and studies.

Make it a point to clean and disinfect your gadgets. Just because you can’t see the millions of bacteria on them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They’re there right this moment and these bacteria will transfer to your hands and face and voila! Fungal acne.

Don’t slack on your skincare routine

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We know we’ve been told not to touch our face lately, but the key to that is to constantly wash our hands. Make sure you do that before even thinking of touching your skincare products!

Dermatologists say that it’s important to care for your skin as you normally would even during this time. Lounging around and knowing that no one will see you anyway makes us lazy and unmotivated to care for our skin. So keep washing your hands and face, especially if you’re the oily type!

Pamper yourself from time to time

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The good thing about quarantine is that we have time to do stuff we don’t usually do! Like enjoying a DIY face mask or foot peel, or just about any skin treatment you don’t usually do because of your busy schedule.

Now’s the perfect time to spoil yourself and indulge in those sheet masks and facial massages. You have a lot of down time anyway! Your skin will thank you for that.

Get a little bit of sunlight

Image Source: @lauralind 

Not having enough doses of vitamin D can lead to skin problems and for those that have existing conditions like eczema and psoriasis, it can trigger flare-ups. 

Keep in mind to wear sunscreen and SPF though! While getting a bit of sunlight is good, long exposure is not. Skin experts advice to give yourself at most 15 minutes outside with SPF on, and you’re good to go.

Mind your quarantine diet

Image Source: @itsnicoleelise

We all know for a fact that now is a crucial time to boost your immune system and keep your body healthy. So of course doctors recommend not munching on junk food all day everyday out of boredom.

Unhealthy eating habits will yield bad results and it will definitely show on your skin. It will eventually take a toll on your complexion, so if you don’t want to come out of quarantine looking like a hot mess, take it easy on the junk.

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