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DIY Glam for the Holidays? We Tried It and It’s Totally Achievable!

DIY Glam for the Holidays? We Tried It and It’s Totally Achievable!

We know parties are still a no-no and a trip to the nail salon is riskier now more than ever, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept looking drab for the upcoming holiday season! After all, Christmas is about feeling your best and treating yourself to nice things.

And guess what? You don’t even have to go outside to look holly and jolly for your indoor Christmas happenings. Luxx Lash released special customizable beauty kits for those who want to feel and look holiday-ready. It’s the perfect gift set for your besties, loved ones, and even for yourself. They even sent Swatchery a kit for me to try! 

Here’s what we got from one of the Luxx Lash Holiday Collection and what my thoughts are after trying them:

Liner and Lash Bundle 

First off, I’m a noob when it comes to applying falsies. My eye makeup looks are rarely a 10/10 because my eyeliner gets messed up whenever I try applying falsies—shaky hands! Good thing the Luxx Liner is a hybrid between an eyeliner and an adhesive, so you’re practically hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. It’s pigmented to the high heavens and it was super easy to attach the Luxx Lashes because 1) the applicator the kit came with was handy and helpful and 2) the Liner adhesive was pressure-sensitive so it didn’t take me long to bond the lashes to my lids.

The liner and lash together really made my eyes pop, which is important these days when a mask covers the bottom half of your face. If you can’t show off your lipstick, make those come-hither eyes turn heads instead! 

Magnetic Lashes

To be honest, I was not excited to try on the magnetic lashes, because from my previous experience with other brands, they’re not very beginner-friendly. In the past, I spent almost 30 minutes trying to latch the magnets together and my eyes were irritated from all the shaking. I swore off using magnetic lashes since.

But alas, the Luxx Magnetic Lashes only took me 2 minutes tops to apply. Were they perfectly snug on my eyes? No. But it’s a big achievement for my pasmado self. The instructions on the package were very helpful and honestly, if I didn’t read them, I would’ve kept poking my eyes out unnecessarily for minutes on end. The lashes looked natural but had a subtle sultriness to it which is why it’s a personal favorite of mine now.

Nail Wraps

For this collection, STYX by Luxx collabed with talented local artists to design their DIY-at-home super cute nail wraps. I tried on the Biscotti design first because I’m in a minimalist mood for now. I’ve never used nail stickers in my life but there’s a first time for everything and my first time was actually better than I expected! I usually just go for the regular nail polish (and even I’m not that good at that) and I’ve always wanted to do cute nail art so this was something I looked forward to trying. It was easy to use, even for me! 

There are instructions on the package and TBH, as long as you follow them, anyone can achieve festive nails without having to go to the nail salon. The tools you’ll need to apply the wraps came with the kit already, so it’s a 10/10 for me. A big upside for me about the nail wraps is that I don’t need a nail polish remover to take it off—just peel! 

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for an easy way to elevate your look for your indoor holiday festivities, the Luxx Lash Holiday collection is something you should consider. It’s a breeze to use even if you’ve never used magnetic lashes or nail stickers before, and they’re cute to boot! The lashes and liner are a quick fix to look camera-ready even with a mask on. 

The best part is you can customize the inclusions of each set you pick to match your aesthetic and style. And if you’re currently scouting for the perfect Christmas gift to give your loved ones, put this on the top of your shopping list too. 

Pick your own Luxx Lash Beauty Kit here! 10% of all STYX purchases until November 23 will be donated to their partner organization, For theFuture PH, to help communities affected by the recent typhoons. Just use their promo code to get the discount!

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