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Do You Know Which Makeup Blender Works The Best? We Do!

Do You Know Which Makeup Blender Works The Best? We Do!

When it comes to base makeup tools, not all are made equal. There are 5 popular foundation tools that we know of—beauty sponge, silisponge, flat brush, paddle brush, and duo fiber brush. 

Each tool is unique on their own as they all have different finishes so we decided to put them to the ultimate test: which blender works the best? Using the Ever Bilena All Day Liquid Foundation, we tested what the 5 different blenders could do with one dot of product.


Because it’s made of silicone, it’s not absorbent and therefore doesn’t waste any product—which is why this tool is ideal if you use bougie foundation. 

TBH, this tool is prone to make your base makeup cakey and full of streaks if used incorrectly. That’s why if you want to use this one, we reco you partner it with another beauty tool to maximize its benefits.

Beauty sponge

As expected, the beauty sponge diffused the foundation more effectively and gave the most natural finish so we get why this is the most popular tool among all blenders. 

The downside? It eats up the most product. It’s a sponge after all so expect a big amount of your foundation to be absorbed instead of getting maximum coverage. 

Paddle brush

The best thing about using a paddle brush is that you get the best of both worlds—less foundation is wasted and you get that smooth, seamless blend. 

However, it will probably take you longer to blend it and you’ll have difficulty getting to hard-to-reach corners like sides of the nose and eye crease. 

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Flat top brush

Honestly, the flat top brush gives the most coverage, so it’s much better than the sponge. But beware of streaks! If you’re not used to brushes, you might find a couple streak marks here and there.

Duo fiber

This one is mostly used by pro MUAs as it’s effective in building coverage. This type of brush is the best to use if you’re going for a more natural-skin finish. Take note that a certain level of expertise is needed to maximize the effectiveness of this tool.

Watch this video and see it in action:

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