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Don’t Leave for Prom Without These 5 Clutch Bag Essentials

Don’t Leave for Prom Without These 5 Clutch Bag Essentials

It’s prom szn, ladies! It’s a once in a lifetime type of event so we understand it can get stressful. We all want a memorable night, so of course we have to avoid mishaps and faux pas as much as possible because prom is something we can’t redo!

So if you’re attending prom but having the jitters, don’t be nervous! We’re listing down the essentials you need with you on your special night so you look hot and prom queen material all through the event:

Lash glue

Image source: @lavielash

If you’re wearing falsies, you better be bringing this one with you. Prom night can get crazy because you’ll be on th dance floor and you’ll be sweating like crazy. 

Falsies aren’t that strong enough to stay on our lids sometimes, so in case things get a bit wonky, bring lash glue with you so you don’t end up looking distorted in photos.

Lavie Lash Glue, P369

Oil blotting paper

Image source:

We can get greasy as the night goes on. With all that makeup on you? It can get sticky. If you want to be shine-free in your photos, you best believe that oil blotting film or paper is your friend.

Oil blotting paper, P75

Tinted lip gloss

Image source: @blkcosmeticsph

If your lipstick isn’t long-lasting enough, a tinted lip gloss should be easy and more convenient to re-apply. This way, your lips look juicy and plump at the same time. 

Also, you can always just top your lipstick (if it hasn’t budged all night) with lip gloss so your lips look kissable in your IG stories.

BLK Cosmetics Birthday Lip Gloss, P379

No-sebum powder

Image source: @innisfreeofficial

If your makeup starts to melt or become greasy, you have to do some retouching. We always recommend Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder because it does the job of getting rid of shine. 

Don’t worry, it’s colorless, so you won’t have horrific flashbacks in pics. Plus, it’s tiny enough to fit in your clutch bag so you definitely should bring this one!

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Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder, P269

Cute bobby pins and safety pins

Image source: @hairbymycke

We can’t forget about your hair! If you’re doing your hair in an updo or a complicated hairstyle, you better make sure it will stay sleek all night. 

Safety pins are a given! Worst case scenario: your dress rips or a strap snaps off but nothing a good ol’ safety pin can fix. So if something rips, your night won’t completely be ruined.

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