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Follow These 5 Tips From Skinfluencer Hyram For Clear Skin

Follow These 5 Tips From Skinfluencer Hyram For Clear Skin

Even without credentials or professional background in the dermatology industry, Hyram has made a name for himself in the beauty community by giving skincare recommendations and tips. He recently worked for U.S. skincare brand Youth To The People, but actually started out as a counter makeup artist in Saks Fifth Avenue.

His passion for skincare began there and he decided to start a Youtube channel in a mission to relay knowledge he’s acquired from doing tedious self-research on ingredients. Other than his obsession with Drunk Elephant, Hyram loves debunking skincare myths, talking about specific brands, and everything in between.

While it’s still recommended you see a medical expert or a professional about any skin concerns you might have, his content is mostly learnings from industry experts and not solely his personal opinion so give his channel a watch!

Here are just a few beginner’s tips from Hyram so you can make better skincare purchases:

Don’t overdo treatments

You don’t need a ton of clay masks and potent treatments. While treatments are needed, it can do more harm than good if you overuse them. You know those popular bentonite clay masks you see everywhere? Those aren’t supposed to be done every day, sis. And you’d be surprised to know not a lot of people realize that.

Your skin can get severely irritated from over exfoliating too and not using your AHAs and retinol properly can leave you with more issues than you started with. So if you’re thinking of hoarding all the trendy skincare treatments you can find, stop. You can watch his video on skincare mistakes here if you wish to learn more.

Contrary to popular belief, you’re not too young for anti-aging skincare

If you know Hyram, you’ll know that he loves his retinol. Hyram posits that the popular claim that “retinol is only for aging women” is a marketing ploy by brands so that they can promote different products focused on different age groups.

He shared that he had horrible wrinkles when he was only 18 but when he started religiously doing skincare, he transformed into the babyface that he is now. So if you think you’re still too young for anti-aging, remember the phrase “prevention is better than cure”.

Follow the 6-ingredient trick

If you’re conscious about ingredients, Hyram has a trick. Whenever you’re thinking of purchasing a new product, look at the first 6 ingredients—these are the ingredients with the highest concentration because ingredients are usually listed from highest concentration to the lowest. 

So that you know how much of an ingredient goes in a product, look for the ingredient phenoxyethanol. Phenoxyethanol is usually just 1% in any skincare product and therefore any ingredient listed after that is less than 1%. So if for instance you’re looking for great amounts of vitamin C but you find it listed after phenoxyethanol, then it’s not really worth buying that product. 

In any case, it’s important to cross check ingredients. Hyram recommends referring to websites like cosDNA and Paula’s Choice Ingredient Dictionary as they have a comprehensive list on how harmful (or not!) skincare ingredients are.

‘Clean Beauty’ products do not always yield better results

Hyram knows and understands the two sides of the argument “Is natural skincare better?” but he himself says not all chemicals are bad because hey, everything is made of chemicals! Most of the time, data-backed ingredients that are developed in biotech labs have shown real benefits than high concentrations of experimental natural extracts.

And did you know that the natural beauty movement has reportedly caused forced labor and depletion of natural resources too? Not to say that it’s the sole culprit of forest exploitation but the answer to “Is natural skincare better?” is not entirely black and white. You can watch his entire spiel on clean beauty here.

No money or time? Simplify your routine

Hyram knows about being broke and said he was once a broke student who couldn’t afford skincare himself. So if you’re a student who can’t afford those trendy products, you’re not alone and he completely knows your plight. His advice? Ditch that 10-step skincare you see everyone raving about.

At the end of the day, you only really need 4 products in your routine: cleanser, treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Do keep in mind that you still need to put aside a bit of money to afford those 4 products but invest in products that target your main concern only! Acne? Salicylic acid. Hyperpigmentation? Vitamin C! You don’t need 12 products. Simplifying your routine is how you’re going to get by.

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