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How to Rock the Drunk Blush Trend

Too much of a good thing is bad, especially when we’re talkin’ about blush. Admit it—you’ve gone a little too heavy handed at least once, and ended up lookin’ too burnt for your own good.

There isn’t only one way to achieve a realistic drunk blush look, but here’s a little tutorial on how to keep it looking natural and dewy!

1. Start with a well-moisturised base

This step isn’t just for drunk blush! Before any makeup look, make sure your skin is prepped well with moisturising products. This gives your skin a youthful glow, even before makeup.

2. Layer on 2 blushes

Dimension is the name of the game when you’re trying to pull off a realistic drunk blush look.

Take a red or pink blush that will act as a base, and apply it liberally all over your cheekbones and nose with a BeautyBlender. When you’re satisfied, take darker bronze shade on a Micro Blender and apply it only around your nose area.

Source: Colourette

Colourette Coloursnaps, php249

3. Finish off with a dewy spray

Our secret to glassy skin is a good finishing spray. Take the BeautyBlender Re-Dew and only apply one spritz on each cheek! Don’t be fooled with the fine mist—you’re definitely applying enough.

If you have oily skin (like some of us), set your blush with a translucent powder before applying the spray.

Source: BeautyBlender

BeautyBlender Re-Dew, php1,890

Wanna see this trick in action? Watch our video below!

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