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How to Treat Mask-ne in 3 Steps

How to Treat Mask-ne in 3 Steps

Getting around the city to do errands has been more difficult as someone acne-prone. Masks have created a hot and humid environment for impending breakouts on the mouth and cheek area, which is the last thing we want to consider when we’re trying to get our essentials.

This unique issue has been so prevalent in this “new normal”that a term has already been coined—mask-ne. Just another added bane to our existence.

We can’t risk leaving the house without a mask, so Kiehl’s Retail and Education Manager, Yricka Dela Peña recommended me a few products that will help get around this!

Step 1: Strengthen

Image from Kiehls Thailand

As an acne prone girl, I already know that heat and friction can make acne sprout on my face like nobody’s business. Heck, I already avoid touching my face with my clean hands just because I’m paranoid, so you can imagine the extra layer of stress knowing a mask is consistently rubbing against my skin when I’m out for groceries.

Of course, I can’t not wear a mask, so a little skin insurance does wonders. In the last few weeks, I’ve been using Kiehl’s Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum after my toner and not only has my skin felt more plump and smooth, but I’ve experienced less breakouts. Plus, the ones that have managed to pop through—ugh, genetics!—haven’t been as irritating and heal much faster.

Props to this serum’s Adaptogenic Herbal Complex and 11kDa Hyaluronic Acid for keeping my skin barrier strong!

Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum, php3,200

Step 2: Prevent

Image from Kiehls Russia

For me, the best way to control my acne is to prevent getting them at all. One of my key takeaways from constant experimentation over the years is to decongest my overly oily pores, which is especially important now that half my face is constantly covered and exposed to more humidity.

Two of my tried and true ingredients that help with this are Salicylic Acid which helps dry out excess oil in my pores and Vitamin B3 which is a lifesaver at lessening hyperpigmentation.

These happen to be the main ingredients in the Breakout Control Blemish Prevention Facial Treatment Lotion, which claims to calm and soothe inflamed skin, while diminishing visible redness and evening skin tone for a clear complexion.

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Breakout Control Blemish Prevention Facial Treatment Lotion, php2,300

Step 3: Treat

Image from Kiehls

I’ve already accepted that breakouts aren’t something I can prevent entirely, so a spot treatment comes in handy for when my skin hates me. The Blue Herbal Spot Treatment is packed with 2% Salicylic Acid, which is enough to penetrate deep into your pores and reduce breakouts.

Before you use any spot treatment just remember that they’re super concentrated and aren’t meant to be used on the entire face. Usage of this on parts of your face that doesn’t need it can trigger a breakout, so be careful!

Blue Herbal Spot Treatment, php1,150

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