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Is This Local Lipgloss A Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupe?

Is This Local Lipgloss A Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupe?

We have nothing against luxe and well-known makeup brands, but when we find a local dupe for it, that’s great news for us! So we’re always on the lookout for more accessible cosmetics that are easier on the wallet but just as pak as international names.

Names like Fenty Beauty have been getting a lot of attention since its launch, and with a name like Rihanna attached to it, we don’t question why. When BLK Cosmetics released Birthday Sparkle Gloss, we immediately saw similarities between the two so we decided to swatch them to see if we got ourselves a local dupe.


Off the bat, we can already tell that both products have the same high gloss finish. They almost look similar in terms of shimmer payoff but the keyword here is almost.


While Fenty has a thicker consistency and chunkier gold glitter, BLK has a light sheen with a shimmery pigment. In terms of color payoff, Fenty is a more peachy pink and the BLK is a deep coral.

Price points

Fenty Beauty retails for P1200 and you can order online here. Of course BLK Birthday Sparkle is much affordable with a price tag of P379 which you can order online here as well as get it in physical stores. 

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Hard no. From afar, it’s definitely easy to mistake these two for each other since they’re in the same color family, but their formulas, tones, and consistencies are def nothing alike.

Check out our post here on the 2 products.

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