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Make Any Lipstick Last Longer with this Easy Hack

Before the heyday of liquid lipsticks and their power to last no matter how smashed you get, us makeup veterans had to get creative. I remember trying every hack in the book to get my MAC Retro Matte lipsticks to last 2 beers without looking like a mess.

As fond as I am of using translucent powders to set my lipstick or concealer to keep my lip line from feathering, those hacks just took too much time to execute, especially when I was on-the-go.

The Hack

My life changed forever when the fire nation attacked I realized the pain point of using traditional lipsticks was an easy solve. I hated it when the lipstick on the center of my lips wore off, and since that part always came into contact with water, it meant re-applying every few sips.

My easy solution? Lip tint. Specifically, NYX Cosmetics Epic Ink lip tint.

After swatching that whole collection, it would not come off my arms for days. It took multiple, pained showers and tons of scrubbing to get it to fade. The lightbulb hit: why not use it as a base?

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They were water-light, so it felt like I wasn’t even wearing anything, which makes it perfect for wearing beneath another lipstick. I started layering the similar berry shades on top of each other, and it definitely helped keep my MAC lipstick from looking too worn.

This isn’t an ad for NYX Cosmetics, so I’m telling you that you can probably do the same thing with any long lasting lip tint you having laying around. The important thing is that it’s thin and pigmented, so it layers well with any lipstick you put on top—yes, even liquid lipsticks!

Watch this hack in-action!

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