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Skincare Products Jetsetters Better Put In Their Hand Carry

Skincare Products Jetsetters Better Put In Their Hand Carry

We’re all about that #travellife goals but we know it’s not all glitz and glam. The jetlag, the long-haul flights, and the stress of it all is just not a good energy for the skin.

But we still gotta look good for the ‘Gram. Kick that haggard look in the butt even if you’re still adjusting to the time difference and the excess baggage has been weighing you down.

Here’s what you should pack every time you travel to stay fresh and glowing.

Evian Facial Spray (P349)

Being up in the air all the time can make your skin dry AF and we don’t want that. Aside from drinking lots of H2O, you can have the same benefits by spritzing your face and the space around you with Evian Facial Spray once in a while or when you feel like your skin is dehydrated. Make sure you are camera-ready by the time the plane hits the tarmac.

Get it here.

Lucas Papaw Ointment (P499)

Your lips could suffer windburn in countries where there’s winter but can also get really dry and chapped in tropical countries. You gotta have good ol’ Lucas Papaw Ointment on hand wherever it is you decide to take a vacation because otherwise, those smackers will crack. 

Beauty gurus and influencers swear by this product so it must do wonders, right? Plus, one small application is enough and a single tube goes a long way!

Get it here.

Caudalie Hand and Nail cream (P771)

Sometimes we forget our hands when we’re doing skincare but they’re just as important. When we travel, we handle and lug around a lot of stuff which in the long run will probably cause calluses. 

This doesn’t need to be said but don’t forget to wash your hands from time to time! Then afterwards, apply Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream to keep your palms nourished and moisturized. It contains antioxidant properties and active ingredients that help solve dullness and uneven texture.

Get it here.

COSRX Low pH Barrier Mist (P800)

If your skin could talk, it would throw curses from the changing weather and temperature. Get you a face mist that’s formulated to keep your skin’s pH level balanced—for instance, the COSRX Low pH Barrier Mist

It’s made of 98% coconut extract and 0.5% PHA so it helps ward off acne-causing bacteria. If you don’t want to return from your vacation with acne-ridden face, you better bring this with you.

Get it here.

Etude House Collagen Eye Patch (P50)

Dark circles are the enemy whether you’re a traveler or not! But because the jet-setting life (especially out-of-country travels) can affect your sleeping patterns, bags under your eyes will form faster and next thing you know you’re a human panda hybrid. 
Etude House Collagen Eye Patch will plump up and smoothen your under eye area and some even swear it brightens up the area around your eyes! As soon as you get to your destination, slap these babies on like you do with sheet masks and let it work its magic.

Get it here.

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