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Skincare Rookie Mistakes We’ve Been Doing

Skincare Rookie Mistakes We’ve Been Doing

We know there’s a bunch of rules in doing proper skincare but honestly, it’s not rocket science to get the best results. There’s no skincare police to issue you a ticket and you don’t need to follow every rule down to a T and most of the time; we just gotta avoid simple mistakes.

If you’re a skincare rookie or just simply someone who can’t be bothered to commit to do a regimen, at least do the bare minimum and avoid these mistakes for the sake of your skin’s health.

Going overboard with moisturizers

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Sometimes more isn’t exactly merrier. Since most moisturizers are highly  concentrated, you probably don’t need as much as you think. And no matter what your skin type is, you don’t need to apply more than twice a day. You only really need a nickel-sized amount and any excess moisturizer won’t get absorbed and will only end up suffocating your skin.

Using harsh scrubs

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We’re all for exfoliating but using harsh scrubs is no bueno. Aside from the granules irritating your skin and making it red, it can also make your pores larger. Big yikes. Instead of sloughing off dead skin cells, these sharp particles will poke your skin and increase sensitivity. The safer alternative? Use chemical exfoliants instead! There’s plenty in the market so stop torturing your skin.

Combining retinoids with other products

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Retinol or retinoids are very potent ingredients and should be used with extra   care. If you’re planning on using retinol-laced products then you should know that it shouldn’t be combined with certain ingredients as it might react badly. If you mix it with other potent stuff like AHA or acne-battling acids like salicylic acid, it’s not going to be a pretty sight. Instead of flawless skin, you get redness and irritation. It’s a major bust. 

Using toothpaste for blemishes

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We’ve heard of this old housewives’ tale — that toothpaste will instantly cure and get rid of that nasty pimple overnight. But you need to hear the harsh truth: it could do more harm than good. Toothpastes are formulated for your teeth, not for your skin. Its ingredients can be safe for your teeth but might be too strong for the surface of your skin. Toothpaste has a very basic pH level which is the opposite of your skin’s naturally acidic pH. 

Touching your face with unwashed hands

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You should know by now that your hands are one of the dirtiest parts of your body and yet, here you are touching your hair and face with it. Well, it needs to stop. Start the habit of keeping your hands away from your face at all times because your hands carry a lot of bacteria and you rubbing it all over your face is just acne waiting to happen. If you simply can’t avoid it, at least wash your hands frequently. 

Not reapplying sunscreen

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No matter what SPF level it is, be it 20 or 40, sunscreen has to be reapplied every 2 hours especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. But we’re just going to say it: only a few of us do. And don’t give us the excuse that you can’t reapply on top of your makeup because sunscreen sprays are a thing now. Unless you love early signs of aging, cultivate a habit of re-layering sunscreen.

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Neglecting your neck area

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Your neck is an extension of your face so it shouldn’t be excluded from your skincare routine. Don’t ignore it especially when applying moisturizer and sunscreen because guess what? Signs of aging will be visible on your neck too. 

Switching products too frequently

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Sometimes, using more products can make your skin troubles worse. Follow the rule of thumb: give one product at least 2 weeks to work before deciding to switch to another one. When you overwhelm your skin by breezing through 12 products in one week then we have a problem, baby. Do you enjoy flare ups and breakouts? Because that’s what you’ll get.

Sleeping with makeup on

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We know that getting turned all the way up on a night out means going home and going straight to bed. No matter how drunk you are, do NOT sleep without cleansing your face. Even if it’s a minimal cleanse—makeup wipes, water, or micellar water, just do it. If you can drunk text your ex, you can clean your face.

Using products that aren’t for your skin type

Wonder why some skincare products aren’t working for you? Try cross-checking if it’s for your skin type. We know that it’s tempting to try hyped and trendy products but the first thing you have to consider before purchasing a product is whether it’s for your skin type. Just because it works for others, doesn’t mean it will work on you. 

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