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Get the Prettiest Summer Flush With These Affordable Liquid Blushes

Get the Prettiest Summer Flush With These Affordable Liquid Blushes

We’re calling it: the adorable Unicorn Dream: Dream Blush is going to be your newest go-to blush this season! 

The brand recently released their own line of cream-to-powder, matte-formulated blushes and we of course couldn’t wait to try all them. The girls of Swatchery have different skin tones and skin types so we all tried them on. Here are our initial thoughts:

The shades!

They come in five shades that we immediately fell in love with: 

  • Blush Mood – brick rose shade
  • Cream Puff – Naked coral shade
  • Bloom On – red pink shade
  • Sweet Pea – warm peach
  • Fresh Beach – orangey red shade
Blush shades (L-R): Fresh Beach, Sweet Pea, Bloom On, Blush Mood, and Cream Puff

If you are on the lighter side, we recommend the shades Cream Puff and Sweet Pea. For medium to morena skin tones, we definitely approve of the shades Bloom On and Fresh Beach! 

What we love about it

We love that it comes in a pump bottle. Cream makeup that comes in pump bottles are always a plus for sanitary reasons and they’re more convenient to use. It’s also pigmented af, so a pea-sized amount is enough for both cheeks.

Make sure to use the brush that comes with the small but high-quality blush for that no-mess application. You can also use your fingers but if you want our reco, use the brush because it helps the product blend into your skin more effectively.

Minor Issues

We’ve noticed a teenie tiny flaw that we’d like to point out because we wanna be real with ya’ll. It’s actually no biggie unless you’re super sensitive to aromas but the smell is a bit confusing. 

The initial scent smells like grape, but hints of a ‘chemical’ smell is noticeable as soon as you blend it into your skin. If you’re sensitive to fragrance in your products, you might not be crazy about it. Otherwise, it’s easy to let it slide.

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Our final verdict?

We highly recommend this product for those looking for a budget-friendly and lightweight blush product for the summertime. And, the cute packaging is just the cherry on top!

Get your hands on these blushes for only Php195. Shop here.

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