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The Dos and Don’ts of New Ear Piercings

The Dos and Don’ts of New Ear Piercings

Multiple ear piercings may look cool and stylish but when it’s infected and nasty…ugh, no. So it’s important for you to learn the dos and don’ts of piercings before you get yourself a grade A infection.

Keep these in mind every time you get anything pierced:

Don’t use peroxide or alcohol

These solutions are too harsh, especially for fresh wounds. You can use a saline solution instead or best of all, good ol’ soap and water. You can never go wrong with soap.

Do use antibacterial soap when cleaning

Make sure you wash your hands before handling your piercing and pre-rinse your ears before applying soap so it easily creates a lather. Clean your piercings twice a day.

Don’t use metals with traces of lead like sterling silver

A lot of people are allergic to nickel, and metals that contain lead are harmful and dangerous. Make sure to check the material you’re getting pierced with before going ahead with it.

Do use titanium or surgical stainless steel

The surgical stainless steel tattoo artists mostly use are typically good. 14K gold, titanium, and other hypoallergenic jewelry are recommended too.

Do maintain good personal hygiene

Take regular showers especially if you often go to the gym or sweat a lot. A lot of infections stem from bacteria that grow on unclean skin or hair.

Don’t overclean 

Even though you need to clean it regularly, don’t overdo it. It will cause your skin to be constantly wet, which helps bacteria breed.

Don’t change your jewelry before it’s healed

Healing takes a lot of time. See this article to check how long your piercing will heal up completely. We know you’re excited to curate your ears but an infection is imminent if you’re impatient. Your dainty cute earrings can wait.

Do use surgical jewelry all throughout your healing time

It’s recommended to always use the surgical or medical-grade jewelry that your tattoo artist pierced you with until it’s fully healed.  

Don’t fiddle or play with your piercing

Do you want to get it to swell even more? Because this is how you do it. Don’t play with it and avoid rubbing your piercing if you’re not fond of irritation.

Do wait for the swelling and redness to subside

Swelling and redness is normal. Don’t panic or fidget with it if it still feels tender. Be patient in taking care of it and eventually it will subside.

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