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The Ultimate Product for the Perfect No-Makeup Makeup Look Is Here

The Ultimate Product for the Perfect No-Makeup Makeup Look Is Here

Sunnies Face got everyone pumped up last night with a sneak peek of a new product with a caption that alludes to “perfecting bare skin”. Who doesn’t want that? And so here we are today, gawking at the reveal of—get ready—The Perfector. 

The latest item dropped early this morning and though the reviews aren’t available yet, the brand has released a number of details that piqued our interest already. 

Here are some facts we know so far:

No makeup, no problem

The Perfector is an instant skin-perfecting, dual-ended blur and balm stick that features two pigment-free formulas that leave that “second skin” look. The Blur end is a matte primer with a soft-focus effect and the Balm end is a translucent illuminating gel-finish balm. It’s a two-step fix you can do to perfect your “bare skin” with minimal makeup.

Suits all skin types

The product promises to give you that perfect au naturale look for days when you just don’t feel like putting together a look, but still want to look extra fresh. It boasts a “perfect formula” that’s paraben-free, fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, talc-free, and phthalate-free. 

The Blur is made with microsphere blur technology that leaves a breathable silky matte finish while the Balm is formulated to melt right into your skin to make it look its dewy best. And the best yet—both are pigment-free to suit all skin tones!

How do you use it?

Glide the Blur over your cheeks and forehead—or wherever you shine the most. You can use it alone as a primer or for touch-ups on the go, too. The Balm can be swiped over your cheekbones, nose bridge, brow bone, or chin area—basically parts of your face you want to highlight with that dewy glow.

Pro tip: if you want to go for a smoother application, do so by warming up the ends first. You can do that by swatching it on the back of your hand or by doing swirling motions with your fingertip.

The Sunnies Face Perfector is available exclusively on Lazada starting today at P595!

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