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These Moisturizers Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated Even In Harsh Conditions

These Moisturizers Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated Even In Harsh Conditions

If you ask us what makes skin healthy, we’d say a strong moisture barrier. The moisture barrier is our skin’s outermost layer and it protects us from bad juju like bacteria and pollution. If this moisture barrier is compromised… poof! Bye bye healthy skin.

Our moisture barrier gets in trouble when there are extreme changes in the environment that could cause water loss. So what do we need to keep the peace between our skin barrier and the harsh world?

For dry and cold conditions

Fun fact: the Ultra Facial Cream is the first ever moisturizer that Kiehl’s developed and it has since been skinthusiasts’ holy grail because of several reasons:

  • It strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier by 47.9% after a single use
  • It’s lightweight, grease-free, and absorbs moisture for 24-hour hydration
  • The new and improved formula is now free from parabens and carbamides
  • One application leaves skin hydrated even in your driest areas

So even if you climb Mt. Everest wearing this, this promises to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated despite freezing conditions. So if you don’t perish from hypothermia first, your skin will retain its moisture.

For humid and hot conditions

Because we live in a humid country, this one is an instant hit. A hot climate means oil overproduction because the moisture barrier becomes damaged. But this has become the go-to moisturizer for those of us who hate the feeling of heavy cream on our already-oily skin because: 

  • Its lightweight formula is cooling and provides shine-free hydration
  • Seals in your skin’s natural oil and water
  • Keeps the moisture barrier intact
  • It has a refreshing, non-greasy gel formula

So for those who are strongly anti-cream because your skin tends to grease, you have no excuse to skip products like this one.

If you’re still feeling skeptical about these claims, you can try it yourself! Head to the Glorietta Activity Center and you’ll find a Kiehl’s booth where you can get a skin consultation. 

Then try on both moisturizers and go hang out inside their cute installations composed of two rooms: the Arctic room and the Desert room. Test both products yourself and see what the results are as it’s open until February 4th!

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