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This Peripera Ink Velvet Dupe Is 100% Locally Made and Half the Price

Korean beauty is known for more than just skincare. If you’re like me—and the rest of Manila’s population—your first dabble into Korean makeup is with the famous Peripera Ink Velvet.

The Ink Velvet’s claim to fame was it’s soft, moussey texture that was a stark contrast from the ultra mattes of yesteryear. The unique formula didn’t settle into your fine lines and made any pair of lips look as plush as a cloud.

Since then, many brands—both international and local—have dared to recreate it to not avail. At least, not until Luna Organics.

The Kiss Inks

The Luna Organics Kiss Inks boast of a very similar formula in terms of wear and comfort. Plus, they’re locally made and cruelty free!

Much like the Peripera Ink Velvet, they’re super comfy on the lips and don’t settle into your lines. Despite being very similar in formula, we did find 2 major differences:

  1. It dries down to a powder matte, unlike the Ink Velvet which doesn’t dry down and stays very satin; and
  2. It has an overwhelming bubble gum scent, which may overwhelm those who don’t like strong scents in their lipsticks.

In terms of the packaging, the Kiss Inks are an obvious attempt at imitating the original. We’ll give it to Peripera though—it’s way more luxe visually and to the touch than the Kiss Inks.

Wear Test

The Peripera Ink Velvets aren’t known to be particularly long wear—like I said, they don’t even fully dry down. Despite that, the girls of Swatchery still put the Luna Organics Kiss Inks to the test to see if the matte finish makes a difference.

We wore the Kiss Inks for an hour before having lunch, and ate as usual. No Kardashian salad eating technique allowed!

Lipstick worn: Pony
Lipstick worn: Sienna
Lipstick work: Cali

Wear test survivors: 0. My personal silver lining though? It didn’t feel crusty, like other matte liquid lipsticks. This formula wore off naturally and evenly, so our lips still felt smooth even if there was still residual product.

That made reapplication quick and easy, because we didn’t have to remove everything before adding a fresh layer. That’s a win, in my book!

Buy the Luna Organics Kiss Inks for php195.

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