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We Got Toned in 20 Minutes with this Home Service Spa

We Got Toned in 20 Minutes with this Home Service Spa

When was the last time you got a major pamper sesh? Like a really nice me-time for wellness and beauty? If it’s been eons (or if you’ve never had one!), maybe this article is a sign that you need to book an appointment. 

Good news: you don’t even have to go out anymore! If you’re a homebody and just want to relax at home during your off time, you’re in luck because Living Water is a spa that specializes in home services!

They’re relatively new in the scene, but if you check their Instagram page, you’ll immediately see why you’ll want to book them ASAP.

What we love about them:

They go to you

Image source: @livingwaterph

We are most comfortable in our own home. You don’t need to go anywhere, they’ll go to you! Just make sure you contact them for an appointment at least a day in advance.

Results are instant

Image source: @livingwaterph

They take pride in their award-winning equipment from Belgium developed by a molecular biologist. They are safe and will render the results you want. 

They also make use of Nannic—a line of plant-based and all-natural skincare serums and solutions together with the radio frequency to target problems on a molecular level.


Image source: @livingwaterph

Two of their popular treatments are the non-invasive face contouring and flat tummy treatment. Both these treatments make use of radio frequency and Nannic serums that target problem areas. 

Another good thing is that they customize treatments according to the customer’s skin concerns. Though results are already visible after 1 session, it’s still recommended to complete 5 sessions for optimal results. Luckily, they have discounted packages!

Safe and painless

Image source: @livingwaterph

Though treatments are safe and painless, keep in mind that if any of the items in the following list applies to you, you can’t undergo the treatment:

See Also

  • Pregnant 
  • Skin disorders
  • Implants
  • Open wounds
  • Any form of fillers and botox
  • Breastfeeding mom

But if you don’t tick any of these items, you are cleared for some body slimming or face contouring treatment!

Watch what happened when we invited them over to the studio:

Living Water Radio Frequency Treatments

These 20-minute treatments from LivingWater Spa got us toned af ✨

Posted by Swatchery on Monday, February 24, 2020

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