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We Tried TikTok-approved Heatless Curls Because Why Not

We Tried TikTok-approved Heatless Curls Because Why Not

Styling your hair with curling irons can be very damaging especially if done pretty often. It’s the quickest and most effective way to give yourself curls and waves but what if we told you that there’s another way to get wavy hair without heat?!

We’re no stranger to Tiktok beauty hacks—we previously did the instant thick lips hack and tried the E-girl makeover. But Tiktokers didn’t stop at makeup hacks because they have hair styling tips too, using everyday items that can be found in your house.

We tried to curl our hair using 3 mundane things: socks, chopsticks, and scrunchies. These were meant to be worn overnight but we tried them for 5 hours while we continued our day in the office.

The result? Watch ‘til the end:

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According to Tiktok, there’s more than one way to style your hair without damaging it with heat. So we tried them 🤔

Posted by Swatchery on Friday, February 14, 2020

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