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What We Can Learn About Skincare From K-pop Idols

What We Can Learn About Skincare From K-pop Idols

K-pop idols have one of the toughest jobs in the world. Aside from training rigorously for years to be able to dance and sing impeccably, they have to keep their beauty in check all the time. 

Because their schedules are always hectic and packed, they’ve developed hacks to optimize their skin health despite constantly performing, traveling, and wearing tons of makeup. Doesn’t it boggle you why their skin remains ethereal and ridiculously flawless? Well, now you don’t have to wonder.

Read on to learn how they keep their skin glassy and clear.

You can do your own makeshift face mask

A ton of people actually do this especially frequent travelers so it’s no surprise that BTS member V does this as well. Taking long-haul flights all the time can take a toll on idols’ skin.

So what V does is he soaks cotton pads in toner, sticks it on his face and let it stay there until his skin gets all the hydration it needs. It’s a cheaper alternative to sheet masks and does the same job of hydrating your skin!

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Suzy’s bright and youthful skin requires time and patience

Ever heard of the 424 method? A lot of people haven’t, but that’s okay. After all it’s a routine that requires time and not something you can do when you’re in a rush to get out the door. 

424 stands for 4 minutes of using oil-based cleanser, 2 minutes of foam cleanser, and 4 minutes of rinsing your face with water. Former Miss A member Suzy claims this is her ultimate beauty secret. What do you think?

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Your ring finger ensures gentler application

JooE of Momoland is famous for her energetic and youthful vibe and everyone knows her as a walking ray of sunshine. The secret to her bright and young look is a simple technique in applying skincare products.

Koreans look younger than their age and that’s because they’re good at avoiding wrinkles. One trick is using the ring finger to dab products onto the skin. JooE’s reason? Your ring finger applies the least pressure, therefore it won’t strain your skin and cause wrinkling.

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Three’s a charm when getting rid of makeup

One important rule to follow when avoiding acne is to thoroughly rid your face of any residue whether from makeup or dirt so as not to clog pores. Chungha follows this rule religiously. 

Because her job requires her to wear a lot of makeup 24/7, she makes sure to get rid of it with 3 different cleansers. First she uses eye makeup remover, followed by oil-based cleanser, then finish it off with a foam-based cleanser. 

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Your hands can do magic

If you haven’t seen Jessica Jung’s Vogue Beauty Secrets, you should do so now. She shared a few tips that could up your skincare game. One of the advice she gave was warming up your hands and patting them onto your face.

The warmth helps your skin absorb the products better, especially serums and essences. Rub your hands together and gently cup them onto parts of your face to thoroughly help product absorption.

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