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Did This Korean Brand Just Find The Cure for Acne?

Did This Korean Brand Just Find The Cure for Acne?

If you’re not acne-prone, then you’ll never understand the struggle of doing trial and error experiments with what works for your zits. Aside from the tedious task of learning all kinds of acne-fighting ingredients and searching for the right formulation that’s compatible with the kind of acne you have, it takes time for acne to heal. 

We know of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, and all that as main treatments for acne but some have also tried looking into Korean skincare. After all, they’re experts in achieving porcelain, flawless skin and in terms of skincare innovation and technology, they’re god-tier.

So we did a little searching for Korean skincare with great turnover of results and found that a brand called Primera has been getting rave reviews from Korean beauty enthusiasts. It’s a reputable plant-based brand that carries an organic line called Organience and users have been posting online about the results.
Here’s why the Primera Organience line has been getting stellar reviews and why we think it’s close to being a miracle in a bottle.

Korean netizens vouch for it with proof

Photo from 화해

Popular Korean site Hwahae is an app where beauty enthusiasts can search or learn about ingredients’ safety and rate beauty products they’ve tried. The user-generated site is known to be the most reliable source of information about cosmetics and skincare nowadays.

We took a few notable parts roughly translated from Korean reviews on the Organience Water and it’s nothing short of impressive.

User dduddurudut, 20 years old, combo/sensitive/acne-prone:

“I’ve had purulent acne + sensitive + dehydrated skin and for the first time in 10 years, I found the first product that fits my skin!”

Photo from 화해

The user said she’s been living with acne for 10 years and in the first 5 months of using Organience, she saw visible results. Then she went into more detail on how she stumbled upon Primera and why she decided to give it a try. 

“Before, I had frantic skin so I switched to this product that I heard was suitable for people with acne because I liked the reviews about it. After a month, it soothed my skin.”

She stuck to the product for a long time as she saw a big difference and now it’s her HG.

Photo from 화해

“It’s been about a year since I changed to Primera Organics, and now my skin has completely adapted to this product, that’s why  I don’t intend to move on to other basic products.”

Photo from 화해

User Seoyeoi, 20s, sensitive/acne-prone:

“It’s a lifetime product. I use this and my skin has been really good. When I was young, I had no skin troubles. But as soon as I grew older, little by little, the problems arose. Acne came when I was under stress for a year and half and it just got worse. But after using this, my skin troubles aren’t as noticeable anymore! The only con would be that it’s not super moisturizing so if you want extra moisture, use other products.”

Photo from 화해

These are only a few snippets of user reviews about the Organience line but majority of them share the same sentiment. The toner is ranked high in the app, with 4.18+++ points out of 5. It clearly now has a cult following among Korean skinthusiasts. 

It’s formulated for those living in a polluted, humid urban environment

Image Source: @sunny_yyon

Let’s face it—we live in a pollution-rich environment, especially for those smack dab in the urban jungle. Pollution, among other external stimulants in daily life triggers stress on our skin. Our skin can get irritated and its self-sustaining functions could weaken. 

Primera’s Organience line has their signature Natural Cureplex™, a formula packed with germinated sprouts that were grown in an eco-friendly way to restore weakened skin and return its natural vitality.

TBH, it’s the perfect skincare line for those of us who are exposed daily to the harsh environment of the city. Most of the time, we don’t see the effects of it on the surface, which makes us think that we’re completely untouched by the dirty air.

It’s made with eco-friendly farm produce

Image Source: @primera.official

Orgnience is also known as their organic line, so it’s important to identify which plants were used as each ingredient has a job to do. Here are the main ingredients:

Soybean Sprouts – these help in anti-aging; also an emollient

Dioscorea Japonica Root – a mountain yam from Japan that suppresses allergic reactions for oversensitized skin

Oryza Sativa extract – improves texture of damaged skin 

Houttuynia Cordata Extract – an antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral plant that apparently survived the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant explosion in 2012

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Artemisia Vulgaris Extract – also known as mugwort, which relieves itchiness caused by burns

Primera boasts that their organics line is ‘5-free’ meaning it’s free from parabens, animal raw materials, mineral oil, synthetic color, and artificial fragrance. And as a bonus? Even their packaging is eco-friendly. The bottles and caps are all recycled glass and plastic while the boxes they come in with are 100% FSC-certified paper printed with soy ink.

Even those with dry skin can benefit, too

Image Source: @le__loin

If there’s a bonus to everything that’s good about this brand, it’s that the Organience Water is also apparently multi-use. Depending on your skin needs, you can also use it as a face mist. We found out that some Korean influencers love spritzing this whenever they feel that their skin needs a quick boost of hydration. 

But don’t think we’re suggesting you purchase it for that purpose. Not everyone uses a mist, and with our different skin types, hydration can be acquired in other forms. This definitely isn’t for the purpose of setting your makeup but users have claimed it to work as a wonderful face spray when their skin feels dry and dull. So if you’re suffering from acne and dry skin at the same time, you might as well get the most out of it!

Purchase the Primera Organience line in different variants:

Organience Water (15ml)

Organience Water (50ml)

Organience Emulsion (15ml)

Organience Emulsion (50ml)

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