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Your Makeup Is Making You Look Older, Here’s Why!

Your Makeup Is Making You Look Older, Here’s Why!

We love following makeup styles that are trendy, but sometimes we gotta stop ourselves and think: do these looks actually look good on us? Tragically, sometimes, the answer is no. We have to face facts that some makeup trends like the “Instagram Baddie” look don’t fit everyone and that’s just the way it is.

Sometimes, less is more. Overdoing and layering tons of makeup can make you look older than your age. What gives? You wanna look cute but at the same time you don’t want to age, right? So with that in mind, continue reading to avoid that problem.

Lining your bottom lash line

Image source: @kyliejenner

This is problematic for a lot of reasons! One, lining your bottom waterline with black eyeliner makes your eyes look smaller. Two, it enhances the fine lines surrounding the eyes, and three, it drags down your face. 

If you want to look your age or look more youthful, you have to keep your eyes looking bigger and brighter, not droopy and small. If you really can’t help lining your bottom lash line, use a lighter shade of eyeliner instead.

Skipping blush

Image source: @intothegloss

That flushed look gives us baby skin vibes. Full of life, vivacity, and glow. Without that pinkish glow you’ll end up looking pale and sullen.

However, don’t overdo it either by using bright neon shades. Choose a buildable formula like cream blush for that natural, dewy finish.

If you wanna try something new, check out how we rock the drunk blush trend!

Putting too much powder products

Image source: @kimkardashian

Powder products, when layered too much, will accentuate fine lines and rough texture. And while using powder products will give us a matte finish, it also makes our face look flat.

Cream formulas give us a dewy and luminous effect, but for the oily skin types who can’t live without powder, choose a sheer translucent one to set your face so it doesn’t magnify your skin’s texture.

The oily girls on our team tested our favorite powders on a night out, so check that out if you’re looking for a reco or two!

Using a foundation shade that’s not your skin tone

Image source: @jamescharles

Using a foundation shade that doesn’t match you well won’t give you that healthy, natural-skin look. Plus, using the wrong type of makeup blender makes a difference too!

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That’s why it’s important to know what foundation and blender works for your skin because otherwise, your makeup will end up horribly oxidized, pale, and cakey.
We compared different types of foundation blenders so you can find out which one works best for you!

Overdoing it with concealer

Image source: @nikkietutorials

Heavy-duty concealers can either make or break you. If layered on too thick, especially under the eyes, you could end up accentuating fine lines and it will only end up creasing. We hate it when that happens!

We love coverage as much as anyone else, but it does make us age if not applied right. What you can do is prep and moisturize your undereyes beforehand and then use a more lightweight concealer to avoid caking and creasing.

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